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A Wide Range of Facilities Rely on US Facilities Lighting Every Day—Warehouses, Manufacturing Facilities, Commercial Buildings, and Many More. Our Programmable LED Solutions Make Any Site Smarter, More Efficient, Safer, and More Cost-Effective. We Empower Facility Managers to Streamline Processes, Stop Maintenance Hassles, and Support Company Executives in Cutting Operating Costs and Reducing Carbon Footprint.

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Welcome to US Facilities Lighting

Our customers have entrusted us to save them millions of dollars in operating costs by placing LED lighting in over 4.5M sq ft of interior space as well as 300 acres of exterior space.
We eliminate lighting maintenance, increase safety, reduce risk and liability, and elevate productivity by deploying LED lighting and intelligent controls.
We offer high value complimentary services that set us apart from the competition!
Receive your unique “Facility-Specific Illustration” of operating cost savings, carbon footprint reduction, and maintenance reduction.
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Is your facility or property running as lean as it can be? Interested in massive cost reduction for multiple locations? LED Technology is the first place to look. Adoption in all commercial/industrial sectors is swift! LED technology is being used as a powerful cost-cutting tool. Diligent company executives are realizing the financial and performance benefits of deploying LED.

About Us

At US Facilities Lighting, we execute LED lighting, solar, and energy savings projects nationally for commercial and industrial customers. We also provide UV light technology for disinfection and sanitization. With a focus on operating cost reduction, carbon footprint reduction, and facility disinfection/sanitization, we conduct projects utilizing LED and UV light technology – saving customers up to 90% in lighting energy and providing 99.9% workspace disinfection. We work directly with corporate customers and partner them with general contractors so the customer can achieve these goals.
The services we provide at US Facilities Lighting include:
If you’re spending too much money to keep the lights on, you can achieve huge energy cost reductions with LED Lighting from US Facilities Lighting. If you need to disinfect your facility to protect against COVID-19, US Facilities Lighting can sanitize it by deactivating all viruses and bacteria with UV light!

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