Industrial LED Lighting and Disinfection Sanitization

Industrial LED Lighting and Disinfection & Sanitization

Large industrial facilities often have enormously high energy costs, because the area that needs to be lit is simply so large. US Facilities Lighting can reduce your energy costs by 50-90% with industrial LED, but that’s not all. We can also disinfect and sanitize your entire facility against coronavirus using UV light. For industrial LED lighting, disinfection & sanitization, call US Facilities Lighting!

Saving Money with LED Lighting

Wasted energy means wasted money – and also has harmful effects on the environment. US Facilities Lighting is a high efficiency lighting company that provides LED lighting & energy solutions for industrial facilities like yours. You could experience savings of between 50 and 90% by making the switch!
“Green energy” is no longer just a fashionable buzzword. Industrial LED from US Facilities Lighting provides significant bottom-line results. Call today to schedule your free Energy Audit!

Disinfection & Sanitization

The COVID-19 pandemic has companies all over the US doing business differently. Many business owners and executives are doing everything they can to improve their disinfection & sanitization protocols and make their facilities as safe as possible.
We have the solution you’re looking for. With UV light, we can turn your industrial facility into a safe and sanitized working environment. Our disinfection & sanitization procedure inactivates all types of bacteria and viruses – including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
How does it work? It’s surprisingly simple. UV light destroys the outer protein coating of the coronavirus, inactivating it completely. If you want to know more about how UV light can disinfect and sanitize your industrial facility, call us today for a free assessment. We’re happy to explain exactly how our process works.
For industrial LED lighting, disinfection & sanitization, call US Facilities Lighting at 888-501-0960 or write!